Well Water Pressure

How To Increase Well Water Pressure

Private well systems can greatly benefit your home, allowing you to access water without relying on the city’s infrastructure. However, without adequate water pressure- simple tasks become a frustration.

If you suspect your home has low well water pressure-schedule an appointment with a trusted local well service company to restore water pressure.

Why Your Water Pressure May Be Low

A few circumstances can cause water pressure issues in well systems, such as:

  • Your submersible pump is going bad
  • Your submersible pump is not deep enough into water
  • Mechanical issues
  • Bad pressure switch/ pressure tank

Well water comes from your aquifer down below where your well is drilled into. A complex pressure system, including valves, tanks, and a water pump, pulls the water from the ground using gravity.

When “Dry Season” comes the water table does drop and that can cause issues at the pump then in the home. “Dry Season” here in SWFL has our water table dropping significantly- your well pump may have been deep enough in water but now that may not be the case with the fluctuation in the water table. If you ever notice a fluctuation in pressure in the home- please call and have that evaluated.

To Have Good Well Water Pressure

#1. Having a Quality Submersible Well Pump

Not only do you need a quality submersible pump- the installation needs to be done correctly and the level the submersible pump is set to needs to be correct for proper functionality. To ensure your well pump is set to the proper depth we use a camera to inspect the well- look for the water line and where your well is cased to.

#2. Pressure Tank

Pressure tanks are a very vital- overlooked piece of equipment. Make sure your pressure tank is not “water-logged”. The pressure tank should always feel light and not heavy and full of water. This is an “air-bladder” not a “water tank”- if it is heavy then it is time to replace it. A bad pressure tank will wear your pump out faster than it would with a proper functioning pressure tank.

#3. Pressure Switch

You want to keep and eye on your pressure switch and make sure it is cycling typically 40/60. When you see your pressure switch starting to look “grungy or old” it is best to replace before it causes a bigger issue. The pressure switch is responsible for signaling the submersible when to turn on and off. Having a bad switch can cause your pump to run more than it is suppose to and burn up your submersible pump.

How To Resolve Water Pump Mechanical Issues

Sometimes you might have the water pressure you want, but the minute you turn on another faucet, the pressure decreases- do not ignore this.

WaterTech239 Water and Well Services quickly and efficiently resolves low well water pressure in Cape Coral, FL, and surrounding cities. We use state-of-the-art tools to diagnose your water well problems and fix them with affordable, professional, and friendly service.

Call us anytime 239-291-2590 or visit our contact page for more information!

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